Retro Theatre

Retro Theatre

Few words about the team

Retro Theatre team is active in children’s theater and more specifically in the production of kids theatrical performances concerning the child and the child inside us.

The group’s desire is to create a children’s play – a theatrical experience that respects not only the intelligence and sensitivity of the child, considering it as the ‘potential adult’, but also the personal aesthetics and the humor of the adult.

The Retro Theatre team seeks myths around the world that have their basis in Greek. Its aim is to contribute to the intercultural contact of the peoples by traveling the myths that have been made for children in their country of origin.

Located in Athens, loves the children’s theater and presents her children’s performances in Greece and abroad.

The children’s performances of the Retro Theatre team are aimed at communicating with the child’s world, providing a complete theatrical experience to the young spectators. The performances are ideal for children aged 4 and up.