A few words about the Firefly team…

It is a group of educators who created the “fireflies”. Their goal from the beginning was to combine their diverse pedagogical experiences and the different artistic tools that each one possesses in order to create activities that encourage free expression and offer life of joy. The main axes of the activities they plan are play, interaction and teamwork. Through their programs children express, create, and broaden their imagination.

With a basic approach to theatrical play, their activities include:

  • Theatrical events
  • Puppet theater
  • Fairy tales
  • Construction-visual arts
  • Traditional games
  • Face painting

By combining the above techniques, they design a program according to the needs and particularities of each case. The programs last 90 minutes, implemented in children’s parties, baptisms, weddings, squares and groups interested in something different. They fit both indoors and outdoors and, of course, are aimed at all ages of “children” from 2 to 102 years of age.

The Theatrical Game method

The theatrical play treats the child as a psychosomatic totality. It is a basic game, with theatrical elements. It can include role playing, group games, object games, text, etc. In any case, the animator gives stimuli, and the child is called not only to play experiential but also to create the same actions through the game. Through the theatrical play, the child develops his expressiveness, teaminess, imagination, and somehow he finds a way of communicating through games and emotions.