Athens Disco Kidz

Athens Disco Kidz

The idea of Athens Disco Kidz was born in October 2016 by the need to create a platform where entertainment for the young and the rest is based on music and dance. Far from standard entertainment and entertainment for children, Athens Disco Kidz was initially aimed at creating alternative open events and birthday parties based on the pedagogical and art axes, cultivating aesthetic literacy and expression from a very young age.

Open events create fun with music, dance and games for the whole family and at birthdays parties design and coordinate an interactive show in a festive colorful atmosphere of lights and music of all kinds and decades. In the period 2016-2017 Athens Disco Kidz held five open events and dozens of children celebrated their birthday with her company.

In 2017-2018, Athens Disco Kidz begins dynamic collaborations with community-based venues such as the Tsichritzis Fine Arts Foundation and The Impact Hub Athens and with top DJs of the Athenian music scene. It is now a mobile party full of music, dance, play, colors, light, projections, stage games and workshops. Polymorphic spaces that do not reminisce in any of the usual playgrounds are transformed into colorful dancefloors and host small and big dancing steps, twists and turns, choreographies and  improvisations.

Choosing the concept of disco emphasizes the social dimension of entertainment and shared musical experience. Carefully selected activities are grouped and through the game they invite party members to collaborate, express and communicate non-verbally, thus releasing their unlimited creative potential. With music not featured as “childish” but also entertaining adults and waking up perhaps childhood memories, Athens Disco Kids invites the whole family to a common stage highlighting teamwork in fun and interaction between parents and children.

Founder and coordinator of Athens Dizco Kidz is Katerina Adamara (theater educator) and in collaboration with professional DJs who manage live dancing melodies create an artistic experience of entertainment. Athens Disco Kidz is now established in Thessaloniki with educators, actors and DJs of the city that will turn upside down the meaning of entertainment!