Ergani Workshop

Ergani Workshop

The ERGANI workshop was created by Eleni Pavlou and has been active since 1998 in Poros. In its three looms utilitarian and decorative objects are woven, made with love and respect to the tradition of weaving art. Traditional techniques meet with new materials and draw inspiration from nature, adapt to modern aesthetics.

Thread to thread, fairy tales, dreams, senses are woven, in a new world where nothing is lost, but the smallest piece of fabric becomes bead, flower, heart and acquires its own value.

Carpets, pillows, wall-tiles warm up and decorate the place with clean lines, intense colors and soft textures. As weaving is combined with painting, embroidery and felt, the shapes come alive and pop out in another dimension.

Seminars are held in the laboratory area with the techniques of weaving, felting, grooming and dressing.

The eco weaving workshops are based on the philosophy of bringing adults and children into contact with weaving in an easy and pleasant way. For materials and tools, we use things that we all have in our homes: forks, straws, old clothes and socks, boxes, and so we recycle or reuse objects while creating something beautiful and useful.

The workshops are aimed at children from 5 years of age and above and adults without the need for prior knowledge.