Mr & Mrs Bubble

Mr & Mrs Bubble

The story

Two creatures, from another era, living on the wandering planet Sapounofouska. They travel and open their home to share with their guests the joy of living here and now, like a soap bubble.The guests become the viewers of a transient, real transformation landscape as a transparent world of soap bubbles unfolds in front of them, reflecting colorful stories on it and continuously changing forms and shapes.The viewers are drifting from the truth of the moment into the game and become part and co-creators of this fleeting world made of love, water and soap.

The Show

The Mr and Mrs Bubble Performance is interactive. The audience is invited not only to help the two heroes share the soap-bubble-inventions with their viewers, but also to enter in a huge soap bubble (literally).

Soap bubbles have a leading role in the performance. Handmade tools and unrealistic use of everyday objects scatter small, medium and huge soap bubbles that travel the viewers.

Team’s CV

First in Greece, in 2012, the Fabrica Athens Multifunctional Art Group creates the Perrformance Mr and Mrs Bubble and brings Bubble Performing to our country. The show was born within the framework of a theatrical research, which opened the team to the field of soap bubbles, known as Bubble-ology, and led to experiments that continue to this day, evolving and constantly renewing the show. Unique inventions of Mr and Mrs Bubble, the first to be introduced to Bubble Performing worldwide, include Bubble Fingers, Bubble-Poi (bubble-producing dexterity), and Bubble Bike (a bike producing soap bubbles) is added to the show upon agreement.

Addressable ages: 0-100 years

Director: Fanis Katechos

Performers: Fanis Katechos, Ioanna Mihaliadi Sharti