The Team 

The Quilombo team was born in 2004 when their deep love for Brazil found expression in Samba Batucada’s music at a random but defining meeting with a great Indian instructor, Ravi Magnifique. Our appetite to learn to play and the enthusiasm that derives from the cooperativity of this music gradually created this great convergence by bringing in an increasing number of members. Within a few years, the Quilombo band traveled across Greece and with it the message of rallying around the concept of the creative community to which their name refers and which is today their core ideological core. The belief that engaging in art, especially through collective efforts, offers immense joy to everyone and broadens communication between us, has led them to the decision to establish Quilombo Centro Cultural, an institution of culture that is aimed at all and is intended to host activities and events from all kinds of art.

The Band

The Quilombo Percussion Band consists of a large group of people – with a lower limit of twelve people – who play different percussion at the same time and give an explosive musical result in Brazilian rhythms (SambaBatucada and SambaReggae).

An integral part of the band is the dancing movement of the musicians as well as their ability to move during play, offering an impressive visual-acoustic spectacle.

The band can also accompany the quilombo dance style that moves tirelessly at samba rhythms, bringing the aesthetic effect and energy to its heights!


They participated at The Meet Market at Technopolis, City of Athens in November 2017.