The VR Project

The VR Project

Virtual Reality has arrived in Athens!

Right in the heart of Athens, only 3 minutes walk from the Monastiraki Metro Station, are The VR Project headquarters.  Come and experience an exciting virtual reality in one of the four VR Lab spaces, fully equip with the most up-to-date technology and powerful computers.  Put on your HTC headset from HTC Vive, and step inside a whole new world just waiting to be discovered.

Unlike other more simple systems, the headset HTC Vive is a unique virtual reality system that allows the user to move in physical space. Using a multitude of sensors and detectors, the user can literally manouver throughout the three-dimensional virtual world. In Greece, the HTC Vive is only available in The VR Project.

In The VR Project you can choose among a variety of exciting games, applications and experiences which aim to offer unique moments.

 Explore unique places like a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea (“the Blu”) or travel to the moon with Neil Armstrong (“Apollo 11”) or climb to the the top of Mount Everest (“Everest”).

Create amazing artwork in a 3D environment with the Google Tilt Brush application, painting and drawing on a 3D canvas all around you- ideal application for artists, designers and for those who like to create.

Increase your adrenaline with 360 degree fighting against space pirates (“Space Pirate Trainer”), defending castles with arches ( “theLab”), driving the fastest racing cars ( “Project Cars”), rejecting the sound waves with to “Audio Shield, competing to become the future gladiator (“Hover Junkers “) or just be a Jedi knight!