31/03 - 01/04/2018

100th Anniversary – Technopolis, City of Athens


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31/03 - 01/04/2018

100th Anniversary – Technopolis, City of Athens

The 100th Meet Market – Technopolis, City of Athens
Saturday 31/03 & Sunday 01/04 2018
12:00 – 23:00 each day

One week before Easter, the Meet Market will be celebrating its Golden anniversary! Yes indeed, it been 10 years and 100 Meet Markets since the very first time we came together with the idea to explore a new type of market, something nomadic and fresh, with well-made products & concepts, and alternative promotion, in a fun, lively, musical setting, open to all.  And so it did just that, and began to grow, attracting more vendors and more visitors each time, establishing a monthly meeting point where creators and appreciators could get together and exchange, share their visions, test their ideas, sell their work, improve, evolve, and create yet another vessel for getting by in these challenging times.

Its a big anniversary, so of course, we are preparing something EXTRA GRAND!!  That’s why we will be taking over ALL of Technopolis (not just our usual Mixanourgio and yard set-up) and crafting something super special for each venue.  150+ Greek brands, small scale business, designers and collectors will be participating in a weekend full of DJ sets, interactive games for kids, workshops & seminars for adults, a treasure hunt, live performances, exhibitions, street food and of course, prizes for all to win at the central cashier.

And because its our 100th Meet Market, we have 100 gift certificates worth 5, 10 and 20 euros for 100 lucky winners to come and treat themselves to Meet Market goodies.
Free entrance as always.